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  • Pre-Conference Sessions

    Pre-Conference workshops are a great way to kick-start your ACFE Global Fraud Conference experience and will give you the tools to gain the professional edge you need. These four-hour sessions provide a higher level of instruction and more practical skill development than a typical Main Conference session. Make plans to arrive early and take advantage of one of these timely offerings. Pre-Conference sessions take place on Sunday, June 23 from 1:00 - 5:00 p.m.

    23rd Annual- Legault  Intellectual Property and Personal Information: Investigating Loss, Leaks and Theft 
    Jean-Francois Legault, CFE
    Vice President
    Assistant Director of High Tech Investigation
    JPMorgan Chase

    Along with money in your bank account, information has become one of the most sought after assets by fraudsters. Employees and outsiders both target valuable information like source code, clients lists and personally identifiable information in an effort to gain competitive advantages or steal valuable information. Using a variety of case studies, this session will examine how fraud examiners can investigate these threats using technology-based methods.

    You will learn how to:

    • Identify what types of intellectual property are susceptible to theft
    • Recognize common methods of stealing data
    • Prepare for and respond to a data breach

    CPE Credit: 4
    Course Level: Intermediate
    Prerequisite: None
    Course Outline

    24th-Walden  Taking Data Analytics to the Next Level
    Vincent Walden, CFE, CPA
    Ernst & Young

    Given the current trends around big data the convergence of both structured (financial) and unstructured (text, social media, email, etc.) data has profoundly changed the way companies think about fraud and monitoring for fraud risks - especially in the context of bribery and corruption given the current FCPA regulatory environment. In fact, the ACFE Report to the Nations shows that 33% of the incidents reported globally were corruption related. The key is that new tools need to be implemented to address these risks! In this four hour session you will learn leading ways companies are integrating advanced forensic data analytics ("FDA") to detect rogue employee activities. 

    You will learn how to:

    • Implement new data analytic tools and techniques, including risk scoring
    • Apply data analytics to unstructured data
    • Use non-traditional data in your analytic anti-fraud efforts

    CPE Credit: 4
    Course Level: Advanced
    Prerequisite: None 
    Course Outline

     23rd Annual- Rabon  Persuasive Interviewing Techniques 
    Don Rabon, CFE
    Successful Interviewing Techniques

    Of the three elements in the interview process – questioning, detecting deception and persuasion – the last proves to be the most challenging and problematic. This session will use videos and transcripts to illustrate which communication dynamics must occur to influence the behavior of another person and how those dynamics are incorporated into the interview process. The session will also provide an in-depth breakdown of the analysis, related knowledge assessments, various correlated practical exercises and application questions. Discover how to take the guess work out of your fraud examination interviews in this pre-conference session led by top-rated ACFE faculty member Don Rabon, CFE.

    You will learn how to:

    • Define the concept of persuasion.
    • Determine the intention behind an act of persuasion
    • Improve your interviewing skills using persuasive techniques

    CPE Credit: 4
    Course Level: Intermediate
    Prerequisite: None
    Course Outline

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