• Awards

    The Cressey Award

    The Cressey Award was established in 1989 and is the ACFE's highest honor. It is bestowed annually for a lifetime of achievement in the detection and deterrence of fraud. The Cressey Award is named after one of the world's foremost experts on fraud and a founding father of the ACFE, Dr. Donald R. Cressey.

    2013: Preet Bharara
    2012: Joseph Ford
    2011: John C. Coffee, Jr.
    2010: Ralph Q. Summerford
    2009: James Freis Jr., J.D.
    2008: Martin Biegelman
    2007: Rosalind Wright
    2006: Grant D. Ashley
    2005: James D. Ratley
    2004: Richard Johnston
    2003: Joseph R. Dervaes
    2002: Mary Jo White
    2001: Henry N. Pontell, Ph.D.
    2000: John Stossel

    Cliff Robertson Sentinel Award

    In 2003, the ACFE presented its first-ever Sentinel Award to Academy Award-winning actor Cliff Robertson. At the height of his acting career in the 1970s, Robertson revealed a fraud scheme being perpetrated by one of Hollywood's top producers and was blacklisted by the industry. The inscription on the award reads "For Choosing Truth Over Self."

    2013: Shi-min Fang
    2012: Michael Woodford
    2011: William H. McMasters
    2010: Amy Stroupe
    2009: Pamela Davis
    2008: Mark Lund
    2007: William Sanjour
    2006: Bunnatine Greenhouse
    2005: Dr. David Graham
    2004: Marta Andreasen
    2003: Cliff Robertson

    The Walker Award

    The Walker Award is named for Morris R. "Red" Walker, CFE (1938-1989), a Charter Member and nationally-recognized fraud examiner. Also established in 1989, the Walker Award is given to the person receiving the highest annual score on the CFE Examination.

    2012: Alexander B. Juliano
    2011: Hita van Wyk
    2010: James Cafirma
    2009: Jonathan Shek
    2008: Darryl Bromfield
    2007: Dr. Jan Vucka
    2006: Carlos Torres-Rivera
    2005: Carmen Wiechers
    2004: Tina Kim
    2003: Kerry Cone
    2002: W. Troy Bouk
    2001: Tracie A. Kraftenberg & Anne B. Ryburn
    2000: Jackalyn C. Livingston

    The Baker Award

    The James R. Baker Speaker of the Year Award is presented annually to honor an individual who has demonstrated the true spirit of leadership in communication, presentation and quality instruction. In 2008, the year of its inception, James Baker, CFE, was posthumously presented with his namesake award and was recognized for his contribution to the education of fellow anti-fraud professionals as a faculty member for the ACFE.

    2013: Alton Sizemore
    2012: Cynthia Hetherington
    2011: Don Rabon
    2010: Dennis F. Dycus
    2009: Gerard Zack
    2008: James Baker

    The Guardian Award

    The Guardian Award is presented annually to a journalist whose determination, perseverance and commitment to the truth has contributed significantly to the fight against fraud. Nominees are chosen based upon their contributions in exposing specific acts of fraud and white-collar crime, and/or through helping to shine a spotlight on issues central to fraud and the worldwide effort to prevent and detect it. The award inscription reads: "For Vigilance in Fraud Reporting"

    2013: Allan Dodds Frank
    2012: Diana Henriques

    Additional Awards

    The ACFE is also proud to recognize those members who have displayed exceptional achievement in preventing, detecting and investigating fraud with its annual ACFE awards. The recipients all share in the common belief of contributing significantly to the anti-fraud profession and the discipline of fraud examination.

    Certified Fraud Examiner of the Year: The Certified Fraud Examiner of the Year Award is presented to a CFE who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in the field of fraud examination.

    Educator of the Year: The Educator of the Year Award is presented to an ACFE Educator who has made an outstanding contribution in anti-fraud education.

    Chapter of the Year: The Chapter of the Year Award is awarded to an active chapter in good standing that provides timely and high-quality anti-fraud training and networking opportunities for its members and actively promotes the ACFE and the CFE credential in its local community.

    Chapter Newsletter of the Year: The Newsletter of the Year Award is awarded to the Chapter Newsletter that is of highest quality and is delivered to recipients on a regular and timely basis.

    Achievement in Outreach/Community Service: The ACFE believes strongly that its members should be active within their community and committed to helping improve the quality of life where they live and work. This commitment can be fulfilled through volunteerism and community partnerships. The Outreach/Community Service Award is presented to an ACFE member or chapter that has made an outstanding contribution in their community.

    Hubbard Award: The Hubbard Award recognizes the author(s) of the most outstanding Fraud Magazine article of the year. It honors the late Regent Emeritus Thomas Hubbard, Ph.D., CFE, former chair of the ACFE’s Continuing Education Committee, and professor emeritus and former head of the accounting department at the University of Nebraska.