• Exhibitor Directory

    The Anti-Fraud Exhibit Hall offers you valuable face-to-face time with today's leading anti-fraud vendors delivering information, solutions and resources. From software to professional services, you’ll have the opportunity to discover new technologies, watch product demonstrations and interact with company representatives. Confirmed exhibitors for the 25th Annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference include:


    At 21CT we are creators of products for anyone who seeks knowledge in their data. From healthcare fraud detection to network security, 21CT data analytics products and services power the data-driven results that have proven to detect, identify, and neutralize fraud and cyber attacks. Learn More


    Both accurate and analytic, Acculytic is one of the newest and fastest growing online business tools for Accounts Payable. Controllers can now manage post-payment recovery, vendor file cleanup, outlier identification, and transaction analysis with Acculytic’s web-based tools. Acculytic reports identify duplicate payments, redundant vendor file addresses, and more. The use of new technology for Accounts Payable is cost-effective and pays for itself -- all available on a subscription basis for less than $5,000 annually. Be proactive with this application and benefit your Accounts Payable department & your company’s bottom line. Learn More


    ACL delivers technology solutions that are transforming audit and risk management. Through a combination of software and expert consulting services, ACL enables powerful internal controls that identify and mitigate risk, protect profits and accelerate performance.

    ACL’s integrated family of products—including our cloud-based governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solution and flagship risk and control data analytics products—combine all vital components of audit and risk, and are used seamlessly at all levels of the organization, from the C-suite to front-line audit and risk professionals and the business managers they interface with. Learn More

    Arbutus Software Inc.

    Designed for fraud examiners and audit professionals, Arbutus represents the very best in fraud analysis technology. Based on 25 years of software innovation and development, Arbutus opens up new types of fraud analysis with unique fuzzy matching and other powerful analysis capabilities.

    Arbutus makes it easy to create a centralized place to share data, tests and results. Fraud tests can be easily scheduled, for automated testing programs. Significant performance improvements can also be achieved when running fraud tests on large and disparate data sets.

    Arbutus Software started in 2003 and is used by organizations all over the world. Learn More

    Altia Solutions, Ltd.

    Since 2002, Altia has been creating robust, specialist software to manage and support investigations effectively and efficiently. Recognising that manual processes involved in investigations are often onerous and prevent ‘real’ work being done, we developed software tools to automate routine tasks.

    Altia’s investigation software has been proven to save an organisation’s time, resources and money and we are trusted by Police Forces, Government Authorities, Forensic Accountants and Financial Investigators across the world.

    Altia is much more than a software company. We work closely with our customers to improve our products and make the investigator’s life more rewarding. Learn More

    ACFE Membership and Certification

    Whether you are new to the business of fraud or want to expand your existing capabilities, the ACFE is your source for anti-fraud information and support. Stop by the Membership Booth to learn how you can make the most of your membership with the ACFE or find out more about the path to CFE certification. Conference Special: Sign up for the ACFE’s Automatic Dues Renewal Service and save 10% on your annual membership dues each year you are enrolled. Learn More

    ACFE Training and Events

    The ACFE strives to provide the highest quality training events for anti-fraud professionals at all levels of experience. Get the support and education you need to effectively fight fraud by attending ACFE anti-fraud seminars and conferences held in cities around the world, or training your team at your location within our On-Site Training services. Visit our booth to explore the latest anti-fraud topics that will allow you to sharpen your fraud prevention skills and learn new techniques from the profession’s leading practitioners. Learn More

    ACFE Anti-Fraud Education Partnership

    From his experience as an accountant and former FBI agent, ACFE founder and Chairman, Dr. Joseph T. Wells learned from practical experience that accountants need anti-fraud education to do their jobs. It is now more important than ever to provide our college graduates with anti-fraud education. The Anti-Fraud Education Partnership addresses this unprecedented need for fraud examination education at the university level. In pursuit of this objective, the ACFE is committed to providing timely world-class educational tools and resources to support your fraud examination course. Learn More

    ACFE Corporate Alliance

    The ACFE Corporate Alliance supports the implementation of anti-fraud best practices in large organizations by giving your team access to tools, training and resources. Membership in the Corporate Alliance denotes a commitment to the fight against fraud and is designed to ensure that your organization is up to speed on solid fundamentals and the latest trends. Participation in the Corporate Alliance enhances your company’s image within the anti-fraud community and is a vital tool for instilling confidence in your employees, stakeholders and business prospects. In addition, it can help protect your organization both from direct losses, and from fines and other legal sanctions. Learn More

    ACFE Law Enforcement and Government Partnership

    The ACFE Law Enforcement and Government Partnership enhances the anti-fraud experience and expertise of domestic and international government and law enforcement agencies at the federal, state and local levels, by providing numerous discounts and benefits upon the official recognition of the Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) credential. This unique partnership fosters symbiotic, working relationships with the public sector by helping to meet specific training needs, providing various anti-fraud resources at discounted rates, and aiding those seeking CFE certification by providing special group pricing. Learn More

    C6 Intelligence Group

    C6 Intelligence Group supplies up to the minute risk intelligence on individuals, companies and geographical locations. Our latest offering “C6 Fraud” is a unique global database of stolen identities, which are actively being traded over the dark web with the sole purpose of defrauding individuals and companies.

    The data acquired through human intelligence rather than automated processes comprises of emails, passwords, bank account details and other highly sensitive data. We provide this data for the sole purpose of preventing identity theft, minimising losses to both individuals and organisations alike. Our data is 100% accurate. Learn More

    Carlow University

    Carlow University's Master of Science in Fraud and Forensics offers FLEXIBILITY, FOCUS, CONNECTIONS, and CUTTING-EDGE SKILLS to help you get ahead in today’s world. As the only one-year master's degree of its kind that is 100% online, you'll learn everything you need to know about fighting white-collar crime from our experienced faculty and nationally recognized subject matter experts while building a strong professional network with other leaders in the field. Whether you're seeking a promotion, job change, teaching credentials, or looking to pass the CFE exam, Carlow's program will help move your career FORWARD. Learn More

    Caseware Analytics

    CaseWare Analytics is home to IDEA Data Analysis, Collaborative Analytics and Continuous Monitoring solutions. All CaseWare Analytics technologies are built upon the foundation of best practices in assessing risk and controls, hereby enabling audit and finance professionals to use real data insights to create business improvement opportunities. Learn More

    Center for Strategic Business Integrity

    The Center for Strategic Business Integrity is a professional certification organization dedicated to equipping current and prospective board members as well as their key advisors with practical strategies and skills to improve corporate decision making and oversight.

    Through its Certified Board Advisor™ and Certified Associate Board Advisor™ programs, CSBI is working to visibly professionalize the director’s and the trusted advisor’s role in insuring business integrity. Please join us in the vital mission of deterring gross negligence and corruption in America’s enterprises. Learn More

    Centrifuge Systems

    Centrifuge Systems is a leading provider of next generation big data discovery software. Our unique approach to finding the needle in the haystack brings together three compelling innovations to the problem: a unique link analysis perspective, cutting edge interactive visualization, and fully browser accessible/embeddable environment. Centrifuge supports some of the most demanding applications including: insurance fraud, financial analysis, counter-terrorism, cyber security, homeland defense, law enforcement and health/pharma solutions. Learn More

    CES, LLC

    CES is a professional company run by former FBI investigators and analysts that specializes in fraud investigations. Using our web-based social media solution PRISM, users are able to systematize the search, capture, and authentication of social media site data. PRISM archives pertinent, legally sound information from 24 popular social media sites, websites, news feeds, online data repositories, and blogs, making life easier for Internet-based investigations. Learn More

    Cohn Reznick

    CohnReznick LLP, the 10th largest accounting, tax, and advisory firm in the US, serves a large number of diverse industries. Our Advisory Group is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of attorneys, certified public accountants, certified fraud examiners, certified internal auditors, certified financial forensics specialists, certified information security auditors, certified anti-money laundering specialists, certified insolvency and restructuring advisors, and certified valuation analysts. We offer leading industry knowledge in developing innovative prevention, detection, and integrity monitoring programs for numerous corporations and government agencies. The firm is a member of Nexia International, a global network of independent accountancy, tax, and business advisors. Learn More

    Compliance Week

    Compliance Week, published by Wilmington Group plc., is an information service on corporate governance, risk and compliance that features weekly electronic newsletters, a monthly print magazine, proprietary databases, industry-leading events, and a variety of interactive features and forums. Compliance Week has become the premier GRC resource for public companies and the organizations that support them, leveraged by tens of thousands of financial, legal, audit, risk and compliance executives. Learn More

    CRI Group

    Corporate Research and Investigations LLC (CRI Group) is a global supplier of risk management, forensic accounting, due diligence and background screening services for some of the world’s leading business organizations. CRI Group excels at deterring, detecting and investigating fraud and other crimes against businesses. A business intelligence network in over 80 countries allows us to get local knowledge in those hard to reach jurisdictions. We achieve success using a global network of professionals specially trained in investigative due diligence, financial crime investigations, counter fraud and counter corruption solutions and third-party risk management. Learn More

    D&B – Dun & Bradstreet

    The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation (NYSE:DNB) is the world's leading source of commercial data, analytics and insight on businesses, or "content." Our global commercial database contains more than 230 million business records. We transform commercial data into valuable insight, which is the foundation of our global solutions that customers rely on to make critical business decisions.

    Customers use D&B Risk Management Solutions™ to mitigate credit and supplier risk, increase cash flow and drive increased profitability, and D&B Sales & Marketing Solutions™ to provide data management capabilities that provide effective and cost efficient marketing solutions to increase revenue from new and existing customers. Learn More


    EthicsLine® is the official hotline solution provided by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) and offered to members as a resource to detect and deter organizational fraud and other business misconduct. EthicsLine accommodates the receipt, investigation, tracking and analysis of issues surrounding business misconduct and noncompliance. EthicsLine is powered by NAVEX Global, the leading, global hotline provider. EthicsLine is available in three different suites that can be tailored to your organizational structure, geography, business processes, and legal and regulatory requirements. The EthicsLine packaged offering includes: Hotline, Case Management, Analytics, and Communications Materials.


    Dealing with complex issues of fraud, regulatory compliance and business disputes can detract from efforts to succeed. Better management of fraud risk and compliance exposure is a critical business priority – no matter what the industry sector is. With our more-than-2,500 fraud investigation and dispute professionals around the world, we assemble the right multidisciplinary and culturally aligned team to work with you and your legal advisors. We work to give you the benefit of our broad sector experience, our deep subject matter knowledge and the latest insights from our work worldwide. Learn More

    FEDS Protection

    FEDS provides liability insurance / errors & omissions coverage for 1099 and other federal contractors providing unarmed contract services for the United States Federal Government. Federal contractors eligible for coverage include Fraud/Polygraph and other examiners, contractor fraud specialists, investigators, analysts, expert witnesses, consultants, contract and contract management specialists, etc. Learn More

    Fofeiture Support Associates

    Recognized for our focused industry experience and superior customer service, we provide flexible, integrative staffing and support solutions to government agencies across the country. We take pride in our ability to provide quality people, quality service, and quality results within the highest ethical framework. Learn More


    IBM is the world's largest information technology company with over 100 years of leadership in helping businesses and government agencies innovate by holistically bridging business and IT strategies. With the occurrence of fraud, financial crimes, and improper payments growing at an explosive rate, IBM is uniquely positioned to help organizations not only handle, but pro-actively anticipate, prevent and continuously adapt to threats. Taking a life-cycle approach to counter fraud operations, IBM leverages the latest advancements in analytics, along with deep industry and business expertise, to help organizations’ protect their enterprise and customers in the fight against organized and opportunistic fraud. Learn More


    For over 30 years, Information Management Consultants (IMC) has been providing powerful, flexible, and scalable IT solutions supporting clients in achieving their mission. VETTED., IMC’s pioneer solution in vendor risk management, goes beyond the typical credentialing to expose 3rd degree relationships and conflicts of interest in the vendor population. As a preventive control to fraud, collusion and other sophisticated schemes, VETTED. utilizes pre-emptive credentialing, forensic analysis and relationship discovery to ensure you only work with vendors that match your risk tolerance level in the end protecting your bottom line. Learn More

    InformationActive Inc.

    InformationActive Inc’s are the developers of ActiveData For Excel, an add-in that turns Microsoft Excel into a powerful data analytics program that delivers a comprehensive set of features for a fraction of the cost of existing CAATs solutions. Learn More

    Institute for Fraud Prevention

    The Institute for Fraud Prevention (IFP) is an industry/university cooperative research center dedicated to multi-disciplinary research, education and prevention of fraud and corruption. The IFP’s primary mission is to improve the ability of business and government to combat these crimes and to educate the general public on effective methods of recognizing and deterring them. The IFP draws on the talents and resources of domestic and international universities, as well as top experts from around the world to shed light on the root causes of fraud, the methods by which it is committed and the scope of its damages. Learn More


    i-Sight is investigative case management software that makes it easier to ensure that cases progress on schedule by using dashboards, to-do-lists, reminders and other alerts. i-Sight’s comprehensive reporting package lets you slice, dice, graph and automatically distribute polished and consistent reports in the desired format. An optimized investigative process built on the i-Sight case management platform gives you the freedom to focus on investigations and identify trends to reduce future risk. i-Sight customers typically eliminate 25-50% of an investigator’s administrative burden and deliver more polished and consistent investigative reports in minutes instead of days or weeks. Learn More

    LexisNexis Risk Solutions

    LexisNexis Risk Solutions is a leader in providing essential information that helps customers across all industries and government predict, assess and manage risk. Combining cutting-edge technology, unique data and advanced scoring analytics, we provide products and services that address evolving client needs in the risk sector while upholding the highest standards of security and privacy. LexisNexis Risk Solutions is part of Reed Elsevier, a leading publisher and information provider that serves customers in more than 100 countries with more than 30,000 employees worldwide. Our financial services solutions assist organizations with preventing financial crime, achieving regulatory compliance, mitigating business risk, improving operational efficiencies and enhancing profitability. Learn More

    National Futures Association

    National Futures Association (NFA) is the self-regulatory organization for the U.S. derivatives industry, including on-exchange traded futures, retail off-exchange foreign currency and OTC derivatives. NFA has developed and enforced rules, provided programs and offered services that safeguard market integrity, protect investors and help our Members meet their regulatory responsibilities for more than 30 years. Membership in NFA is mandatory, assuring that everyone conducting business with the public on U.S. futures exchanges and in the retail forex marketplace must adhere to the same standards of professional conduct. NFA's membership currently numbers approximately 4,100 firms and 57,000 associates. Learn More

    Naval Criminal Investigative Service

    The Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) is the federal law enforcement agency charged with conducting investigations of felony-level offenses affecting the Navy and Marine Corps. The NCIS mission is to investigate and defeat criminal, terrorist, and foreign intelligence threats to the United States Navy and Marine Corps ashore, afloat, and in cyberspace. The Economic Crimes Division supports the overall NCIS mission by safeguarding the Department of Navy's major acquisition programs and responding to allegations of corruption, financial fraud, and product substitution. Learn More

    Ohio Northern University - MPPA

    Ohio Northern University offers a new, distinctive, highly specialized education in forensic accounting and audit services or taxation. The Forensic Accounting and Auditing Services track is offered in a blended-learning format with two required residency weekends per semester and the remainder of the coursework completed online. The program can be completed full-time in two semesters or part-time in 2-3 years. Scholarships are available to full-time students. Realize your educational aspirations at one of the best business schools in the nation. Bloomberg Businessweek ranked ONU’s Dicke College of Business Administration No. 3 in Ohio and No. 62 in the nation.  Learn More

    Raytheon Cyber Products

    Raytheon Cyber Products, a leading provider of commercial-off-the-shelf cyber security solutions for government and industry, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Raytheon Company. Founded on deep knowledge of cyber security stemming from the U.S. Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community, the company’s portfolio of products address a variety of cyber challenges including insider threat, secure information sharing, data loss prevention, and data analysis. With over 20 years of collective experience delivering high caliber security solutions, customers trust Raytheon Cyber Products to deliver solutions that are innovative, flexible, and scalable, meeting their security needs today and in the future. Learn More


    REMEDYNE helps customers prevent fraud and errors. Our SAP-certified software for continuous monitoring detects compliance and risk issues in business processes in SAP ERP, resolves them, and increases company earnings. Furthermore we advise our clients how to securely run SAP systems and implement appropriate automated controls.

    REMEDYNE is an SAP Software Solution & Technology Partner. Learn More

    Salient Systems

    Salient Systems is an acknowledged and trusted manufacturer of video surveillance management systems, and is recognized as “The Transition Leader” in the electronic security industry. Providing the most straightforward, cost effective approach to video surveillance and the transition from analog video to digital video to Cloud based, hosted video surveillance technologies, Salient’s CompleteView is scalable and offers everything needed to manage a multi-server, multi-site enterprise from anywhere, anytime. Learn More

    Salviol d.o.o.

    Salviol is one of the leading providers of analytical software and corporate services in the field of information search, analysis and visualization and business process optimization, with experience in cooperating with local, regional and economic organizations and governments in Europe since 2009. Products that are marketed under Salviol solutions are widely used in governmental and financial organizations over the globe. Solutions have been developed in close cooperation with our customers and are achieving the rapid and effective impact on detecting, preventing and investigation processes. FROPS® (Fraud detection and prevention system) is an effective software solution that automatically detects, prevents and investigates any form of fraud. Building blocks of FROPS® are global industry standard products that are in use in over 4,500 organizations.  Learn More

    Social Discovery Corp

    We are a social media data, security and reporting service software company helping fraud examiners manage new media investigations. Quick check reports start at $14.95 and Deep Dive reports are $99, with ongoing monitoring starting at $2 per day. Learn More

    Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics

    The Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE) is a non-profit, member-based organization for compliance professionals that is dedicated to improving the quality of corporate governance, compliance and ethics. Our events, products, and resources offer education for those interested in becoming certified in compliance and ethics, or keeping their compliance department up-to-date with the latest news. We serve our members by providing a monthly magazine and weekly e-newsletter to help manage current issues. We offer conferences that enable network building and learning best practices; and academies that provide intensive training in the essentials of managing a compliance and ethics program. Learn More


    Solink is the first event-driven video discovery platform created to help decision makers leverage recorded video as a source of contextual intelligence. The Solink platform solves real-world problems by combining video with integrated transactional data. This solution doesn’t require any proprietary hardware; its software leverages existing deployments and is accessible from any web-enabled device. Learn More

    Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR)

    Congress created SIGAR in 2008 to provide independent oversight of the U.S. reconstruction effort in that country. This law requires SIGAR to audit and investigate programs and operations funded with money appropriated or otherwise made available to reconstruction Afghanistan; make recommendations to promote economy, efficiency and effectiveness of reconstruction programs and operations and to prevent and detect waste, fraud and abuse. Learn More

    Stevenson University

    Stevenson University offers accelerated online and onsite master’s degrees in Forensic Studies, Forensic Science, and Cyber Forensics. The Forensic Studies program offers six tracks of study: Accounting, IT, Investigations, Legal, Criminalistics, and Interdisciplinary. Accomplished faculty with real world experience and achievement ensure students demonstrate technical and core competencies, critical thinking, and effective communication both orally and in writing. Pursuing a master’s degree at SU is a powerful investment in your future, designed to fit your lifestyle as a busy, adult student. The university’s accelerated graduate degrees can be completed in as few as eighteen to twenty four months. Learn More

    The Institute of Internal Auditors

    Established in 1941, The Institute of Internal Auditors (The IIA) is an international membership association serving the Internal Audit profession. As the internal audit profession’s global voice, recognized authority, acknowledged leader, chief advocate, and principal educator, the IIA’s International Standards and Code of Ethics unite a global community of more than 180,000 internal auditors in 190 countries working in myriad areas including internal auditing, risk management, governance, internal control, information technology audit, education, and security. Our mission is to provide dynamic leadership for the global profession of internal auditing. Learn More

    Thomson Reuters Accelus

    Thomson Reuters Accelus brings together market-leading solutions for enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) management, enterprise risk management, policy management, audit management, global regulatory intelligence, financial crime, anti-bribery and corruption, supply chain risk, enhanced due diligence, training and e-learning, and Board of Director and disclosure services. With capabilities for client on-boarding, routine risk screening, enhanced due diligence and transaction monitoring, we help our customers to identify hidden risk hiding in their business relationships and extended partner networks and offer customized options tailored to meet your specific needs. Learn More

    Thomson Reuters CLEAR

    Thomson Reuters is the premier provider of information intelligence across the globe for businesses and professionals. CLEAR is the next generation web-based investigative tool from Thomson Reuters with a robust collection of both public and proprietary records, including available data and functionality specific to financial, insurance, healthcare and government fraud investigations. Web Analytics, a feature within CLEAR, instantly searches and categorizes social network sites, blogs, news sites and watch lists within the deep web, while you run your public records search. CLEAR also offers batch processing solutions and system-to-system capabilities to meet your fraud investigative needs. Learn More

    U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

    The mission of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is to protect investors; maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets; and facilitate capital formation. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission strives to promote a market environment that is worthy of the public’s trust and characterized by transparency and integrity. Learn More

    Utica College

    A leader in fraud and financial crime programs for over 20 years, Utica College offers regionally accredited online Certificate, Bachelor's and Master's degree programs taught by highly experienced, credentialed faculty in fields such as:

    • Executive MS /BS – Economic Crime Management / Investigation
    • MBA – Economic Crime and Fraud Management
    • Financial Crimes Investigator Certificate
    • MS / BS – Cybersecurity

    With the renowned Economic Crime Institute, and the Center for Identity Management and Information Protection, the College attracts collaborations with top institutions in the public/private sectors, and government agencies, while offering specialized courses that provide students with unique career-advancing credentials. Learn More

    Verafin is a leader in enterprise fraud detection and anti-money laundering solutions (FRAML) for financial institutions across North America. It’s software utilizes advanced behavior-based analytics that help banks and credit unions stay a step ahead of cutting edge fraud trends and the BSA, USA PATRIOT Act, and FACTA compliance landscape. Verafin is the exclusive provider of fraud detection and BSA/AML software for the California Bankers Association, Florida Bankers Association, Massachusetts Bankers Association, CUNA Strategic Services and has industry endorsements covering 44 states across the U.S. For more information, visit www.verafin.com, email FRAML@verafin.com or call 1-866-781-8433. Learn More


    Founded in 1807, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. is an independent, global publisher of print and electronic products for professionals, academics, and students. Wiley’s deep program in fraud prevention and detection includes a series of ACFE fraud casebooks edited by ACFE founder Dr. Joseph T. Wells and Dr. Wells’s definitive Corporate Fraud Handbook, as well as titles by Harry Markopolos, Cynthia Cooper, Mark Nigrini, Rebecca Busch, and Darrell D. Dorrell. Recent Wiley fraud publications include MacDonnell Ulsch's Cyber Threat!, Revathi Subramanian's Bank Fraud and Charles E. Piper's Investigator and Fraud Fighter Guidebook. Learn More

    Wynyard Group

    Wynyard Group is a market leader in critical threat assessment and advanced crime analytics software for government, financial services and critical national infrastructure. Wynyard’s powerful software helps assess threats, surface hidden relationships give new meaning to events and identify people of interest.

    Wynyard customers include Fortune 500 companies and leading government security agencies. The company has offices in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Australia and New Zealand. Learn More