• Frequently Asked Questions

    Virtual Conference - General

    Can I register for the Virtual ACFE Global Fraud Conference by phone?
    You can register for the conference by phone, fax, online or by mail:

    What is the cancellation/refund policy for the Virtual Conference?
    Our cancellation policy is intended to keep costs low for attendees. Due to financial obligations incurred by ACFE, Inc. you must cancel your registration prior to the start of the event. Cancellations received less than 14 calendar days prior to an event start date are subject to a $100 administrative fee. No refunds or credits will be given for cancellations received on or after the start date of the event. Those who do not cancel and do not attend are responsible for the full registration fee.

    When will I receive login instructions?
    Log in instructions will be emailed to you on June 16, 2020.

    What time zone will the event be held?
    The Virtual Conference times are all listed in North American Central Time Zone. Convert these times to your local times by using an online time converter.

    What sessions will be available for Virtual Conference Attendees?
    Registrants for the live broadcast will have 8 sessions to choose from during each time slot. Two weeks after the Main Conference concludes, archives of all Main Conference sessions will be available on demand. Only 28 concurrent sessions will be available for on-demand CPE.

    What do I need to do the day of the event?
    Sessions will begin at 8:30 a.m. CT on June 22. Please arrive 15 minutes early to ensure you can access the session.

    Do I need to sign up for sessions in advance?
    No, unlike the in-person event, you do not need to register for sessions in advance.

    How do I earn CPE for the live sessions?
    To earn CPE for a session, you must click on participant tracking pop-up polls that will appear throughout the session. You will have 60 seconds to click on each pop-up poll.

    How do I earn CPE for the on-demand sessions?
    To earn CPE for on-demand sessions you must watch the session and pass an exam.

    When will I receive my CPE certificate?
    CPE certificates will be available after June 26. An email will be sent when they are ready, but you may also visit ACFE.com/myeventcpe to find your certificate.

    Can I move from session to session at the same time slot?
    If you are interested in earning CPE credit, you should not switch between sessions at the same time. To earn CPE, you must click on participation popup polls within a session. Your participation tracking will not transfer from session to session and you will not qualify for CPE.

    When will on-demand recordings be available?
    On-demand recordings will be available approximately two weeks after the conclusion of the conference. An email will be sent when these are available.

    Can I download live or on-demand sessions?
    No, sessions cannot be downloaded or saved to your computer or device.

    Which sessions will be available for on-demand CPE?

    • 2D: Interviewing in Non-Traditional Environments
    • 2F: Fraud Through the Eyes of COSO
    • 3A: Fraud in the Nonprofit Sector: Unique Risks and Opportunities
    • 3H: Building a Cyberfraud Intelligence Program for the Financial Industry
    • 5C: Workshop: International OSINT Investigations
    • 5G: Deviations From Ethical Norms: A Financial Crimes Case Study
    • 6E: Program Integrity in a Cross-Payer Environment
    • 6G: "Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later": How the DOJ Compliance and Ethics Program Evaluation Guidance Makes the Case for Proactive Monitoring
    • 8D: The Establishment of the Compliance Function: The Framework and the Role of Internal Auditing
    • 8F: Vendors and Vendor Contracts: Old Subject, New Tricks
    • 9D: Let's Be Clear: Structuring and Delivering Effective Oral and Written Reports
    • 9E: Digital Money Laundering: Tracing Illicit Assets Across the Cyber Landscape
    • 11E: Business Email Compromise
    • 11F: Fraud Analytics: Using the Power of Data in Fraud Detection and Investigations
    • 12E: Emerging Fraud Schemes Related to COVID-19 Threats: An FBI Perspective
    • 13B: Adopting a Proactive Strategy When Developing and Managing a Compliance Program
    • 13D: Crack the Code on Deception: Body Language Techniques for Fraud Examiners
    • 13G: Effective Communication During Times of Crisis
    • 14B: Protecting the Aging and Vulnerable Population from Fraud in Uncertain Times
    • 14F: Anti-Corruption Framework for Auditing and Monitoring Third Parties
    • 15C: Recent Developments in Proactive and Reactive Investigations: Adjusting to the New Normal
    • 15F: Think Like a Fraudster: Mapping the Ways Fraud Could Happen to You

    Can I ask questions during the session?
    Yes. There is a Q&A box where you can submit questions for the Q&A segment of each session

    Which sessions qualify for ethics CPE?
    The following sessions qualify for ethics CPE:

    • 5G: Deviations From Ethical Norms: A Financial Crimes Case Study
    • 6G: Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later: How the DOJ Compliance and Ethics Program Evaluation Guidance Makes the Case for Proactive Monitoring
    • 9B: Fool Me Once: Using Root Cause Analysis to Prevent Shame on Me, Sponsored by Alvarez and Marsal
    • 12G: Recent Developments in Whistleblowing
    • 15G: An Intelligence-Led Approach to Fraud and Corruption Vulnerability Assessments
    • Monday Lunch General Session: Whistleblowing Panel
    • Closing General Session: Gary Foster

    How long will I have access to the videos?
    You will have access to the videos for one year from the start date of the event

    How do I access the session slides?
    Session slides will be available in the Resources section of each session, or by clicking the Conference Materials tile on the Conference Hub.

    Will the sessions be pre-recorded or live?
    We are presenting as many sessions live as possible. To ensure the quality of the broadcast, and to facilitate scheduling for our international speakers, some portions of the Virtual Conference have been pre-recorded.

    Virtual Conference - Technical Requirements

    What are the system requirements for watching the Virtual Conference?
    Before you access the event, you should ensure that your browser is configured to stream video. For the Virtual Conference, you will need a minimum internet connection of 800 Kbps for an optimal experience. For the best viewing experience, we recommend using a wired internet connection and closing any programs or browser sessions running in the background that could cause a lag or delay. VPN can cause unreliable internet speeds and can cause issues displaying participant tracking pop-up polls. Please disconnect from your VPN to access the conference.

    Here are steps you can take before the conference to test your system.

    What Browsers are supported?

    • Google Chrome (*Latest)
    • Microsoft Edge (*Latest)
    • Mozilla Firefox (*Latest)
    • Safari (*Latest, Mac Only)

    *Official support for the "latest" version of a newly released browser, among those noted above, will be added within 8 weeks of public release. Until then, the previous version will continue to be supported instead.

    Can I watch the Virtual Conference through a VPN connection?
    VPN can cause unreliable internet speeds and can cause issues displaying participant tracking pop-up polls. Please disconnect from your VPN to access the conference.

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