Group rates will be honored until the contracted block of rooms has been sold out or until the cut-off date has expired, whichever occurs first. Available rooms in the Government Room Block are sold out. We will update the website if additional rooms open up, so please check back for updates.

Aria Resort and Casino Reservation Policy

Hotel Reservation Policy: It is the attendee's responsibility to submit a valid credit card number with the name as it appears on the card, billing address and credit card expiration date, or a deposit equal to the first night's room rate, and tax as a guarantee, at the time the attendee makes the reservation. Attendee's credit card will be charged the first night's room rate and tax at that time. Refunds will be issued on individual attendee's reservations only if cancelled at least (72) hours in advance of the confirmed arrival date. Individual room reservations not guaranteed will be automatically cancelled by Aria within (14) days of the reservation date.

Hotel Resort Fee Policy: A $35 Daily Resort Fee, plus applicable room and tax at the time of stay (currently at 13.8%, subject to change), is applied to each hotel room reservation and includes:

  • Property-wide high-speed wireless internet access
  • Unlimited local and toll-free calls
  • Airline boarding pass printing
  • Cardio room access for guests 18+

Hotel Concierge: For assistance with dinner or show reservations, call (702) 590-9520 or email concierge@aria.com.